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Our expertise is helping you: ... Accelerate your growth ... Neutralize impediments ... Stand-out above your rivals ... Exceed your "stretch" goals

We specialize in helping you

  • Turn-around, jump-start and re-energize the success of all your sales & marketing resources
  • "Stand-out" above your competitors in a high value  & compelling way
  • Establish a sustainable competitive advantage and leverage your success for years to come
  • Position your firm, products & services so you become a true "Magnet" for more business
  • Enhance the impact, effectiveness and "pay-off" of all your critical sales, marketing & service assets


Our Critical Difference

You and your team benefit from our demonstrated, "record-setting" business building expertise, gained consistently setting new business growth records during "booms - busts - panics & crashes" for over over 35 years.  

We take a different approach...  Unlike traditional consultants who tend to specialize in one business development discipline or specialty (ie. Strategy Consultants, Marketing Consultants, Sales Consultants or Productivity consulting specialists ) and who naturally approach your business from "their" specific area of expertise. ( ie: If using a "hammer" is their specialty, they have a strong bias toward seeing every challenge or opportunity of yours as "a Nail.") 

Instead... We recognize your firm's unique challenges, opportunities, differentiators, and market share position are distinctly different from every single one of your competitors. 

Therefore, we work closely with you in identifying and applying whichever discipline or set of disciplines within our fully integrated Strategy, Marketing, Sales & Professional Development expertise that will help you identify and implement a customized set of growth initiatives across all those disciplines. Our focus is to truly "turbo-charge" both your short & long-term business growth, while respecting and emphasizing what makes you truly unique.

Of course all the customized business building actions identified through this process will be important. However, some of those actions will necessarily have greater potential impact and importance than others. 

So to maximize your results, its critical for us to first help you focus your efforts by prioritizing, and as soon as possible, activating those "critical high priority initiatives" that offer you the greatest potential return, the quickest. 


Convert the increased instability, volatility, uncertainty and "Risks" created by the accelerating pace of world-wide change. ....... Into uniquely powerful business building forces.

We can also help you transform the uncertainties, instabilities, challenges and risks generated by the accelerating pace of world-wide change ... from business impediments and frustrations ... Into powerful, long-term business building forces ... that actually help you grow your business more easily and quickly for years to come.

Turn-around, Jump-start & “Re-energize” Your Business Growth


High-impact Strategy & Execution... Maximizes the "payoff" on all your business building resources

  • Positioning:  Maximize your competitive advantage and attract more business more easily
  • Differentiation:  Custom approaches to help you “stand out” above the competition and gain market share
  • Focus:  Direct your resources toward those initiatives which power maximum results
  • Branding:  Identify, articulate, and re-enforce what you stand for as a company, professional, and brand
  • Targeted Marketing:  Hit the real “hot buttons” of your target market
  • Customized Sales & Marketing Plans:  Maximize your time and resources, and insure your long-term success


Synchronized Strategy, Marketing & Sales Initiatives...Amplify your firm's impact, results and rate of growth

  • Jump-start and "re-energize" slow moving, under-appreciated or mature offerings
  • Design and execute cross-selling programs ~ Leverage existing advisor/client relationships
  • Create customized “high impact” sales presentations for all situations
  • Professional Development, Training & Coaching for sales management, key accounts officers, sales professionals, wholesalers, and financial advisors.
  • Create and design customized marketing tools ~ Help make building major sales gains quicker and easier
  • Practical “Business-Enhancement” Initiatives ~  Help your clients do more business, and your firm earn a bigger part of the additional business your clients create
  • Incentive & Compensation design ~ Align with and support your key business priorities
  • Maximize conference presentation & exhibit opportunities ~ Enjoy big "pay-offs" in your sales & market share gains

The "Risk-Wise Investor"– How To Better Understand & Manage Risk
Published globally by Wiley & Sons

The "Risk-Wise"® Investor book ... Risk Management Programs...Tools, Workshops, Presentations & Training... ... All help financial advisors & investment sponsors do more business, more easily ... ... By helping their clients demystify, simplify, and better manage the ever evolving risks of our increasingly less certain world.

The "Risk-Wise"® Investor method shows financial advisors how to do more business by  helping their clients reduce the fear & risk normally associated with investing ...Including HOW TO:

  • Use a new definition of “risk” that makes managing risk(s) much easier, and more effective
  • Reduce the likelihood & impact of painful, negative surprises of all types
  • Convert risks that do materialize from traumatic nightmares & disasters into mere inconveniences, and even potential opportunities
  • Quickly & easily determine which risks to avoid,  which to accept and manage, and which risk to  accept outright
  • Gain greater control over the risks you face, rather than have those risks control you
  • Become a more confident, less emotional, more knowledgeable, realisticready-for-anything” individual, investor, business person, professional, organization & board 

Learn more

The "Risk-Wise" Advisor® Program Benefits


The first & only, break-through way for advisors to meet an enormous "unmet" investor need:

  • This powerful, first-of-its-kind program helps investment sponsors, wealth 

management firms & financial advisors do more business by creating more 

knowledgeable, less emotional, more realistic, ready-for-anything  "Risk-Wise"® 


The fresh, game-changing, "Risk-Wise" ® approach is based on a new, user friendly, simple and non-technical way to reduce the fear & risk normally associated with 

risk & risk management. 


As a result, clients are able to better understand, "demystify" & manage all types 

of risk, including both traditional "External Risks" & Self-inflicted "Internal Risks"

frequently encountered when investing.

This “First of Its Kind,” New Risk-Wise® Program Helps Advisors Learn How To:

  • Directly address investors anxiety & concerns about the accelerating pace of change and the increased uncertainty, volatility, and risk it generates                                          
  • Stand-out above the competition by addressing investors, world-wide "unmet" need that  many advisors & investors don't currently know how to solve
  • Build investor trust & confidence the same way as the world’s most trusted professionals
  • Use a new “empowering” definition of RISK to improve clients' ability to better understand & manage the risks they face, plus provide your clients a valuable, new advisory service
  • Show clients how to transform risks that do actually occur from potential nightmares/disasters into “inconveniences,” and even possible opportunities
  • Benefit from both of the two basic approaches to risk management (The Quantitative method & The Subjective method) rather than just one
  • Improve investors' success by helping them better understanding “Risk” physiology, psychology & history, and thereby improving their risk/reward decision making
  • Recognize & neutralize common “hard-wired”, self-defeating, human responses to investment risk
  • Release investors’ own "natural risk management skills" when investing
  • Show clients how they can use the time-tested “Life-Risk” management process for their own risk management benefit
  • Show clients how they can use the time-tested “Life-Risk” management process for their own risk management benefit and reduce the likelihood & impact of investors experiencing painful & costly negative surprises

And much, much more....

Professional Development


Enhance Your Entire Sales Team's Impact & Effectiveness

  • Custom programs that build “stand-outprofessional sales skills & success
  • High Impact business & activity planning, plan execution training, and individual coaching
  • Relationship management excellence ~ raise your business partnerships to a new level, and "freeze-out" the competition
  • Master the “Art of Resolving Client Concerns”~ methods that multiply sales effectiveness, and naturally leads to higher close rates
  • Creating "Ecstatic" Clients~ delivering service excellence that "neutralizes" the competition and enhances referrals 
  • Smart, high impact territory, travel, and budget management for busy sales professionals that will drive their impact & effectiveness
  • Individual, personalized coaching (sales professionals, wholesalers, divisional & key account managers) focused on improvement of their individual skills, that will generate the biggest positive impact the fastest

Sample Testimonials

  • "Just wanted to pass along a comment from a financial advisor who attended your recent meeting. He expressed that he was very impressed with the program and would highly recommend it to others. The aspects he liked most were that it was very informative, well organized, concise, and kept the attention of the audience. He said it was the best program he had ever attended."

  • “I learned more at your meeting with us in a few hours, about how we become can even more more successful, than I have in many months working with other firms.  Thank you very much.”



"Don't be afraid to innovate and be different. Following the herd

 is a sure way to mediocrity" 
- Investors Business Daily

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."
- Max Planck, (Nobel Prize in Physics, 1918)

"It's not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent,
but the ones most responsive to change"
- Charles Darwin

"The most effective way to manage change successfully is to create it.
Action Point: Anticipate the future now emerging and be a change leader"
- Peter Drucker

"Courage is the power to let go of the familiar"
-  Mary Bryant

"Be the change you want to see in the world"
 - Mahatma Ghandi

"No one can achieve any real lasting success in business by being a conformist"
 - J. Paul Getty

"Why not go out on a limb; that's where the fruit is."
 - Will Rogers

"Don't Copy...Lead!"

"It is good to be different.... in the 1-2% of people who are  

thought leaders and innovators."
 - Steve Jobs

"Change before you have to"
- Jack Welch

"Your brand is your customers belief of what you stand for as a company."
- John Rutledge

"Concentration is the secret strength in politics, in war, in trade; in short, in all management of human affairs"
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts"
- Albert Einstein

"Knowledge is the antidote to fear"
 - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Risks you've identified, thoroughly understand, and are fully prepared for cannot hurt you"
- Anonymous

"It is the wolf you do not see that you must fear the most"
- Old Russian proverb

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world; it is the only thing that ever has."
- Margaret Meade  


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